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How to Register Sabre Red 360 for Indonesian Travel Agents


For travel agents who are not yet connected to the extensive Sabre Travel Network network, the following are the requirements to become a Sabre system user in Indonesia.

Installation Requirements
Before applying to become a Sabre user, Travel Agents are required to have a Travel and Tourism Bureau Business License (BPW) from the relevant department as well as a Company NPWP. Once the documents are complete, please download the installation application form to be filled in and signed by the person in charge of the company, then send it along with the Sabre installation application letter addressed to the Sabre Branch Manager in your city (at one of the Saber Indonesia branch offices in Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan or Denpasar) .

Applications are sent with Attachments
Application letters can be sent via email to marketing@sabretn.co.id or via POS (click to see the address of Sabre’s representative in Indonesia) by attaching, among other things:

  1. Application form (which has been filled in, signed and stamped by the company).
  2. Copy of BPW Permanent Business Permit.
  3. Copy of Company NPWP.
  4. Copy of KTP of the company leader or person in charge of the company.
  5. Copy of the Sabre training certificate from the travel agent staff who will be tasked with using the Sabre system (if you already have one, if there are no staff who have a Saber training certificate, you can submit a training request letter for your 2 new staff).

This application will be processed first, if the above requirements are complete, our sales can immediately prepare the equipment to immediately carry out the installation process, but if it is not complete, the travel agent will be asked to complete it first. If the travel agent does not have a training certificate, you will be registered to take part in Basic Reservation training first with the Sabre representative closest to your city (Training will adjust to the available schedule and availability).

Installation costs
Are travel agents charged for installing this Sabre system? Travel agents are NOT charged any fees for installing this Sabre system, Sabre Indonesia will only charge a fee if there is rental of equipment or other additional Sabre products based on an additional agreement signed by both parties.

Sabre System Installation.
After the requirements have been completed, the travel agent must provide computer equipment with the latest specifications complete with an internet network. Once the Sabre system parameters are available, installation can be done by bringing the computer device to the nearest Sabre office or being guided by telephone.

Contact Sabre Indonesia for further information.