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Complete solution that automates the agency’s ticket pricing and issued process.

Save Time & Cost, and Improve Service.


TicketExpress allows travel agents to access prices, process issued and void tickets automatically by a system that can be customized with various configurations and can be updated in seconds. Agents can also manage commissions, Corporate Fare, Credit Control and more.

TicketExpress products can save up to 5 minutes per transaction by using one-time pricing and ticketing configurations. Last but not least, TicketExpress can reduce fulfillment operational costs by up to 70% while increasing revenue and optimizing customer service excellence.

See How TicketExpress Helps You and Your Travelers’ Journey


TicketExpress is a ticketing application that can perform pricing and ticketing functions automatically. This application can check your booking queue every minutes.

With automatic pricing and ticketing functions, TicketExpress will save time for travel agencies or travel consultants while minimizing human error.

Reduce Fulfillment Operations costs by up to 70%


At times, travel agents will be able to obtain ADM fees from airlines caused by their own travel consultants due to manual pricing and issuing errors. The costs incurred are very large to pay ADM and can also affect profitability.

TicketExpress automates the entire pricing and ticketing process, reducing operational costs by up to 70%. So you can reduce staff training.

Product Features

  • PricingThe process of showing the price that is informed before the process is issued.
  • Ticket (Including NDC)The process of issuing a ticket after pricing including NDC (New Distribution Capability). This process is validated and works according to the configuration that has been determined in Ticketing Express.
  • Void ETCancellation of issued tickets that have a maximum time of 10 minutes before 24:00 so as to avoid penalties.
  • ReissueThe process of reissuing tickets.
  • EMDEMD-A and EMD-S can be issued to support end-to-end workflow.
  • RedApp SubagentRedApp subagent is for credit management as controlled by the wholesaler.

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