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Sabre Red 360 Web


Presenting the superior capabilities of Sabre Red 360 with the same browser-based connectivity as Sabre Red 360 desktop, with graphical view and manual command features also accessible on Sabre Red Web 360.

Powerful travel management solutions ready to provide the best experience for your travelers


Sabre Red 360 Web presents the superior capabilities of Sabre Red 360 with browser-based connectivity. So that it can make it easier for Travel Consultants to book, create PNR, modify, price and issue tickets from anywhere, anytime without having to be in the office as long as it is connected to the internet.

Note: SR360 Web products can be used at no additional cost.

See How Sabre Red 360 Helps You and Your Traveler Journey


Through the “Smart Workflow” innovation with Sabre Red 360 Web, you will get a new experience of making web-based travel reservations that can be accessed anywhere.

Sabre Red 360 Web also gives you more experience to get options from airlines, through a rich workflow of travel features.

The information travelers get through various travel sites is often what travelers refer to when looking for travel deals from travel agents. In Sabre Red 360 you can create the ideal itinerary by providing the right options for these travelers, through a new filtering tool that provides quotes from 100 to 250 options in a single search.

Sabre Red 360 web benefits travel agent and consultant partners by offering

  • Ease of use that can help you make reservations.
  • Access point to the Sabre platform with a wider selection of content.
  • System that offers more options to suit your business needs.
  • Configuration settings that allow you to work the way you want.

Product Features

  • Air ShoppingAir Shopping can return/display up to 250 price quotes from airlines that are already supported by API (Application Programing Interface) technology previously only used for Online Travel Agencies (OTA). Detailed information is provided on each response, so you can easily compare options and make recommendations according to your needs.
  • Decision Support Bar & WidgetsDecision Support Bar & Widgets provide data-driven information that can help you predict customer needs such as information on available fares, price trends, travel trends as well as alternative airports accessible through air shopping.
  • Panel & WidgetWidgets provided to offer other available content include: Air, Hotel, Car and PNR.
  • Trip SummaryProvides some quickly obtained information that can help you in customizing parts of the PNR.

If you have additional questions about Sabre Red 360 or would like to learn more about Sabre, please contact us.