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Beyond NDC


Discover how New Distribution Capability advances modern retailing

New Distribution Capability

Go beyond the standard of NDC with Sabre


NDC is a key component of our strategic vision to create a new marketplace for personalized travel. Our position as both an aggregator and an airline IT provider allows us to deliver retailing solutions across the end-to-end customer journey, from offer creation all the way to fulfillment. Whether you define scalability in terms of thousands, millions or billions, our capabilities and points of sale–from Offer Order APIs to Sabre Red 360 and GetThere–ensure a consistent distribution experience, regardless of channel.

NDC for Corporations

Optimize business travel by going beyond NDC with Sabre


NDC is an industry standard. Going beyond NDC is about innovation, guided by a long-term retailing vision. The integration of NDC in GetThere allows you to strike the right balance between personalization, policy and price. With Sabre, you’ll maximize access to innovative content and give your travelers the options they want, while keeping the control you need. As travel demand increases, we help your travelers shop, book and service itineraries with confidence.

NDC for Travel Retailers

Get access to the leading content your travelers want, without sacrificing the operational efficiency you need


NDC is an industry standard. Going beyond NDC is about innovation, guided by a long-term retailing strategy. Whether you’re focused on leisure or business travel, at Sabre, we build with end-to-end workflows in mind–that means as NDC takes off, you won’t be left behind.

We’ve integrated and normalized EDIFACT and NDC content so that it’s easy to compare and book the right option for your customers with easy processing by your mid and back-office systems. Connect with us via the Offer and Order APIs or Sabre Red 360.

NDC for Airlines

The omnichannel distribution you want with the operational efficiency sellers need


NDC is an industry standard. Our vision is much broader – and we think airlines should think bigger, too. That’s what we mean by going beyond NDC. Helping airlines succeed with Offer and Order-based retailing, enabled by NDC, is a new chapter in our 60-year history of delivering industry solutions.

For airlines, Sabre serves as both an NDC airline IT provider and as an NDC aggregator–this means that not only do we help airlines create innovative NDC offers, but we also help them expand distribution reach through owned and third-party channels. Our precision and unwavering focus on performance mean that when you’re ready for NDC, we can help you scale it.

If you have additional questions about Beyond NDC or would like to learn more about Sabre, please contact us.