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Sabre Red 360


Smarter workflows that give you higher levels of data, content and flexibility.

Powerful travel management solutions ready to provide the best experience for your travelers


When you access the Sabre Red 360 platform, you have a great travel booking experience that lets you show up in full, brilliant color. Discover a new spectrum of data and traveler visibility.

Experience a workflow that delivers rich content, just like a consumer travel site. Not limited to that, we also still give you the classic bluescreen command.

See How Sabre Red 360 Helps You and Your Traveler Journey


Through the “Smart Workflow” innovation with Sabre Red 360, you will get a new experience of making travel reservations in a digital and modern display.

Get higher levels of productivity, engaging content, and customization everywhere. Sabre Red 360 gives you more opportunities to capture more value than ever before, through a content-rich workflow, just like a consumer travel site.

The information travelers get through various travel sites is often what travelers refer to when looking for travel deals from travel agents. In Sabre Red 360 you can create the ideal itinerary by providing the right options for these travelers, through a new filtering tool that gives agents up to 250 options in a single search.

Work up to 25% faster and reduce training time by 50%


Distinctive in design, Saber Red 360 is built on the APIs of Saber’s unmatched platform that integrates bookable content and data-rich information into smart workflows. Improved intelligence and an intuitive user interface make Saber Red 360 easy to learn.

As a result, travel consultants can work faster in providing superior solutions and comprehensive travel recommendations.

Product Features

  • Comprehensive Travel ContentAccess more travel content with data-based insights
  • Intuitive WorkflowsEasy-to-understand and more modern point-of-sale display to increase productivity
  • Unmatched CustomizationCustomize the workspace to support business strategy and brand promise delivery.
  • Travel Agent Capability EnhancementVarious features for customization that can be adapted to the needs of the travel agent model
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