Our Solutions

Sabre offers the widest range of technologies in the travel industry, helping travel suppliers and buyers plan, market, sell, service and operate their businesses.

Automated Exchange

Automated Exchanges

Automate the entire ticket redemption process without wasting your time as a professional travel agent.
Automated Refund

Automated Refunds

Automated process of recalculating prices for fare, tax, and penalty information, as well as managing the ticket reissuance process.
Automation Hub

Automation Hub

Handles repetitive manual tasks such as booking management, scheduling change alerts, PNR documentation, cancellation, etc.
New Distribution Capability

Beyond NDC

Maximize access to innovative content and the value of your travel program while meeting the experience expectations of your travelers.
Content Service for Lodging

Content Service for Lodging

Combining various sources in one place to find preferred lodging accommodations at competitive prices for travel agents.


Information Travel Management is a mid & back office application to support more efficient decision-making and administrative activities.

Power Suite

Automate all cloud-based travel agent operations from front, mid and back-office.
Sabre E-Ticket Report

Sabre E-Ticket Report

Application that allows agents to monitor and review all e-ticketing activities performed by Travel Agents.
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Sabre Red 360

Facilitate a 360 view of travel bookings through an intuitive and customizable workspace with your agency brand.

Sabre Red 360 Web

The 360 view of travel booking through the website is intuitive and can be customized with your agency's brand.


Ticketing application for access to pricing, ticketing, ticket reissues and void modules along with a range of settings.


Individual mobile app that allows TMCs, corporate travel managers and travelers to access, manage and organize their business trips.