Hotel Cancellation Guidelines

Has your travel agent experienced no cancellation number returns whenever an active hotel segment is cancelled in the system?

Before checking with the hotel chain or property, you may like to access Travel Agency’s General Message queue to display hotel chain’s teletype messages. These messages may provide information that could be helpful while troubleshooting.

Steps to access General Message Queue are as follows:

Step 1: Access subscriber’s General Message Queue

Example: Q/G

Step 2: Explanation on the important information display on the message.

Row 1

HDQ Headquarter
RM Reservations
AA Carrier code

Row 2

.DAL 3-letter location code of hotel chain
HL Code representing hotel segment
HL 2-letter hotel chain code, eg, Hilton Hotels
25 Hotel segment action date
0339 Hotel segment action time

Row 3

HDQ Headquarter
AA Carrier code
LTYANL Abacus Record Locator

Row 4

1 Number of passenger in name field
WOO/HEN… Passenger’s name

Row 5

HHL Hotel segment
HL Hotel chain code, eg, Hilton Hotels
UC1 Status code, number of rooms
KUL 3-letter city code
IN31JUL Check-in date
OUT02AUG Check-out date
2NT Number of room nights
12475 Hotel property code
1A01A07 Room type and rate code from hotel chain
-1 Number of adult occupants
/CX-1921… Cancellation number

Row 6 – Information with regards to the hotel segment

Step 3:

Remove G message after viewing

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