Letter From Jet Airways – Jet Airways GDS Policy

Dear our valuable agents partner

From now on, we shall not accept any further ADM waiver from you should this ADM is containing of GDS misuse policy, some of them are as follows:

Duplicate PNR booking- ADM raised due to Duplicate PNR booking. As per the GDS misuse policy creating duplicate bookings in the same passenger name record (PNR) or across PNRs for the same passenger is prohibited. Also Post investigation we see that tickets were not issued for the misused PNRs, hence the ADM holds good for the same.

Churning the PNR more then 3 times – As per the GDS misuse policy Travel service providers must avoid repeated cancelling and re-booking of the same or different flight, class, date or route (known as churning) to circumvent ticketing time limits or for any other reason whatsoever; as this leads to unreasonably high booking / cancelling volumes.

Fictitious Name booking – PNR was generated using fictitious name. TEST/MR.Travel Service providers must not create any fictitious bookings, that block the airline’s inventory in the live GDS environment, Please klik to find attached detail of our GDS miss-use policies.

Kindly please circulate and inform this to all of your respective staffs and or branch offices.



Ikhsan Sarwa Raharja, Mr.

Reservation & Ticketing Staff PT.AEROJASA PERKASA (AeroGSA) Aerowisata Park, Jl. Prof. DR.Soepomo No.45, Tebet, Jakarta 12810

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