Four More Asian Carriers Adopt Abacus Paperless EMD Technology

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Abacus International, the leading travel solutions provider in Asia Pacific, today announced that four more Asian carriers have adopted the Abacus electronic miscellaneous document (EMD) technology: Singapore Airlines, SilkAir and Cathay Pacific, together with Hong Kong-based Dragonair.

Responding to the IATA mandate for all miscellaneous documents issued from January 2014 to be electronic, many airlines have partnered with Abacus to implement the required proprietary technology, creating a new paperless ticketing environment.

Beyond the benefits of full digitization, carriers gain the ability to track their ancillary sales, with Abacus e-coupons for lounge access, baggage, in-flight Wifi and more. Databases will be more closely aligned with the trade channel on transactions.

“With Abacus EMD, airlines can simultaneously go green, drive efficiencies and boost yields,” explained Division Head, Airline Distribution at Abacus, Ho Hoong Mau. “We are delighted to help four more powerful brands in Asia’s burgeoning aviation industry to achieve the EMD standard, realizing the benefits in terms of cash and credit card reimbursements and ancillary sales through the region’s trade channel.”

Lee Ser Yi, Vice President, Corporate Sales and Distribution, Singapore Airlines added, “Adopting the Abacus EMD solution allows Singapore Airlines to improve our customer experience by automating miscellaneous fees and deposit payments, while reducing paper dependency and related costs. We are pleased to be able to take this to our key customers through Abacus.”

Singapore Airlines, SilkAir, Cathay Pacific and Dragonair join the extensive list of global airlines who have adopted the Abacus EMD solution, contributing to IATA’s planned sunset of the legacy virtual Miscellaneous Charge Order (vMCO).

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